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Special Purpose Machines

We Conceptualize Design Researh and Manufacture Special Purpose machines for high precision mass production applications.

Special Purpose Machines such as

  • Fully automatic PLC / CNC Controlled ( Milling , Drilling, Boring, Roll Fluting, Roll Grinding, Rotary Indexing, 3 Axis routers ).
  • Fully automatic production lines.
  • Assembly Equipments
  • Leakage Testing Machines
  • Jigs / Fixtures
  • Equipments / Machines as per Customer Requirements

Above : 3 Axis CNC Drilling Machine & 10 Station Multi Head Machining Center 

Electronic Products | Custom Electronic Development & Manufacturing

From simple circuits to complex electronic designs, we have the expertise in custom electronics. Our design team can work with you to develop the product as per your specifications .From open-board type custom electronics to environmentally sealed systems, we have the expertise and experience to design the product to your requirements. We Conceptualize Design and Manufacture from prototype delivery to mass production.

  • Customized electronic devices such as
  • Signal converters
  • Climate controllers
  • Display boards
  • Motor control devices
  • counters

Above: Programmable Rotary Encoder & VFD To Servo Conversion Card

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