Programmable Rotary Encoder ( 1 - 4096 PPR )

This is a software based “Programmable Rotary Encoder”. It can be configured to give one of the various types of output with programmable PPR. This is not just an encoder. It is a complete system which can replace or eliminate many intermediate control devices. It involves “No delicate disks or critical settings”, is rugged, compact and the most economical.

  • Mode 1-4 is basic incremental rotary encoder with line driver output. Even decimal value PPR is also possible. Guaranteed phase shift with pulse smoother.
  • Mode 5-8 can run a servo motor in relation to any rotating part (Electronic gearing).
  • Mode 9 is a programmable “Tacho generator” with PWM & 7 bit binary output.
  • Mode 10 is a versatile 6 digit “Digital RPM meter” with a least count of 0.1 RPM and peak speed of 25000 RPM, built-in averaging control, all in single setting.
  • Mode 11 is a high speed counter / DRO with relay output. Peak speed 25000 RPM.
  • Mode 12 is “Absolute 24 Bits Rotary Encoder” with Multiplexed output.
  • Mode 13-14 is ready output for programmable “Cut to Length” application.
  • Mode 15-16 Absolute “Multi-Tool Magazine” position reader with Stop pulse. (HMC / VMC)
  • Mode 17-20 is Binary “Absolute Rotary Encoder” with Strobe, Parity and Stop Bits.
  • Mode 21-24 is Gray Scale “Absolute Rotary Encoder” with Strobe, Parity and Stop Bits.
  • Mode 25 is Single turn 12 Bits “Absolute Encoder” with multiplexed output.
  • Mode 26 is Single turn Digital Programmable 4 Digit “Absolute Encoder” (0.1 Deg).
  • Mode 27-28 is a direct VFD control. It takes “Pulse-Direction” input signal from any standard PLC and outputs “Forward / Reverse.” command with 16 step speed control to run a standard induction motor like a servo-motor.
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