Programmable MultiTurn Encoder EMT1MP05A

This is a Multi Turn, Programmable, True Absolute Rotary Encoder. It can be programmed to give Absolute Reading in any Unit for any Pitch of Ball screw. It needs no Initialization, no memory or batteries to maintain the reading. It will always read the true absolute value on power Up. Two models to chose from. (1). 28 Bits (8192 steps per rev. X 16000 revolution) and 22 Bits (8192 steps per rev. X 250 revolution). Outputs on parallel wires or SSI (synchronous Serial Interface) mode. It can also drive seven segment Display directly using multiplexed BCD data and digit select output. Any custom made solution can be added on request.


  • Rugged in construction, Contains No graduated metal / glass disk or delicate parts.
  • Output can source or sink 16 milliamps.
  • Crow Bar protection against Power Supply Voltage spikes.
  • Double bearings on Shaft, can withstand mechanical stresses.
  • Rust proof aluminum body / casing and stainless steel shaft.

Needs very few components for field programming. A small handy Field Programmer is available as accessory.

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