Rotary Encoders

This is a software based “Programmable Rotary Encoder”. It can be configured to give one of the various types of output with programmable PPR. This is not just an encoder. It is a complete system which can replace or eliminate many intermediate control devices. It involves “No delicate disks or critical settings”, is rugged, compact and the most economical.

This is a Multi Turn, Programmable, True Absolute Rotary Encoder. It can be programmed to give Absolute Reading in any Unit for any Pitch of Ball screw. It needs no Initialization, no memory or batteries to maintain the reading. It will always read the true absolute value on power Up. Two models to chose from. (1). 28 Bits (8192 steps per rev. X 16000 revolution) and 22 Bits (8192 steps per rev. X 250 revolution). Outputs on parallel wires or SSI (synchronous Serial Interface) mode. It can also drive seven segment Display directly using multiplexed BCD data and digit select output. Any custom made solution can be added on request.

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